Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Laccha paratha

Laccha paratha is form of paratha popular in delhi , its crispy from outside and soft from inside . It goes very well with any kind of dry or curried preparation of veggies.

Ingredients to make 4 parathas
1 cup of wheat flour
1/2 cup water
A pinch of salt

knead wheat dough with water and salt for 5 good minutes .
Keep it for 30 minutes in the fridge

Divide dough into 4 equal portions.
1.Here are steps to make paratha .
Roll douhgh into 5 inch flat and round shape .

2.Apply oil on the top surface of dough all over .

3. Sprinkle some dry flour on it. 

4 . Take dough from one side and flap it upto one inch , dab it with your hands . And appy oil on top flapped dough and sprinkle some dough.

5 . Repeat the process untill you flap full chapati .

6. Hold at one end and roll over and dab again with your hands to make small round shape ball .

7 . Now again with the roller pin make it flat .

8 . Cook it with ghee /butter or oil .

Pls chk pictures to understand the preparation of paratha .

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Pooran podi

Wish you happy gudi padwa / happy new year .

Ingredients to make 5-6 pooran podi

For stuffing
1 cup chana daal yellow lentil
1/2 cup sugar
1 cup water to boil
1/2 tsp of ilayachi or cardomom pwdr
A pinch of nutmeg powder
A pinch of salt

For chapati
1 cup wheat flour
A pinch if salt
1 tsp oil
1 cup  water to knead

Wash and boil lentil in cooker with pinch of salt up to three whistles in medium low . Turn off heat and let it get cold . Meanwhile knead dough with salt and water .
Now cook daal in low heat with sugar , 1 cardomom powder,a pinch of nutmeg powder. And reduce water untill it gets to thick paste consistancy . Turn off heat and let it get cold , then refrigerate it for minimum 1 hour .

To make podi you divide dough into six portions of small size .
Roll them into palm sized flat circles .
Add 1 tbsp of lentil paste at the center .
Close it from all sides .
Dab it with your hands .
Roll them with stuffing into hand sized flat bread .
Cook it with butter or ghee on the flat pan .

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Soft spongy Almond coconut cake gluten free

1 cup whole almonds (grind them coarse)
1/2 cup sugar
1/2 tsp of baking soda
1/2 tsp of baking powder
2 tbsp of coconut powder

1/2 cup non melted non salted butter
1/2 cup eggs or three eggs

Mix all dry ingredients in a pot.

In a mixer , churn eggs for 1 minute.
Slowly mix all dry ingredients in a mixer and churn it for another minute.
Put butter and churn it for another minute .

Then bake your cake in an oven or microwave or pot .

Courtesy : Edible garden

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Spinach meat or palak ghosht


Serves 3-4

Ingredients for cooking meat
500 gm of goat meat .mix of boneless and bones small pieces
1/2 tsp of black pepper
1 medium sized only chopped fine
1 cup of water to boil.about 250ml

Ingredients for cooking spinach
500 gm of spinach leaves or palak
1/2 medium.sized onion
1 tomato
1 tsp full ginger garlic paste
1/2 tsp of red pepper powder
2 tsp of any mutton masala which taste best for you and which have tried before .

Wash and cut meat pieces . Take pressure cooker . Use about 8 tbsp of oil . Fry onion untill they get translucent . Followed by black pepper and meat . Fry.meat untill it leaves oil and then put salt just enough for meat according to your taste . Let meat cook in pressure cooker untill 4 whistles with 1/2 cup of water as mentioned before.
Meat will be fully done if fresh . Else it might take longer than 4 whistles to cook .

Boil 1/2 litre water well .
put spinach leaves , keep them for 1  minute . Not very long . Now drain water and transfer leaves in ice cold water.keep them for 5 minutes.
Grind leaves into thick paste .
In a separate pan take 4 tbsp of oil ,
Fry onion untill golden brown .
Followed by tomato untill it leaves oil . Followed by ginger garlic paste.
Cook them.for a minute then put red chilli powder ,  meat masala  salt . Put palak paste and cook palak for another 2 minutes or untill it gets nicely blend with all other ingredients and leaves oil .

Mix your cooked meat with spinach and cook it in high flame for a minute or two .
And your palak gosht is ready to eat.
Serve with indian bread /chapati or steamed rice .